Looking for a JOB (I would like to have)

While looking for jobs, I have recorded myself. Kind of a video-cover letter. It can get pretty embarrassing. 

So, I've been looking for a job. It's been one week now.
I know, it doesn't sound like I've been looking for long. However, it feels like it's been ages. 

Emotionally the process is exhausting. I'm certain this is due to the fact I'm only looking for companies I really admire, so I put all my hopes with every résumé I send. During the process, I analyze the organization's culture, I watch videos about those peeps I may work with, and I consume all the press I can about the company. 
I like making sure I have enough time to imagine myself working with that company, and being happy with that idea. 

I'm only looking for jobs online, at organizations shaping the world in a better way. I'm also only applying to work with the teams building the tools and websites I use. That brings a bit a hassle. 

You will see, for a Colombian girl raised by a single mom with hot chocolate and arepa, that's highly aspirational. I've heard comments saying «Why would you apply to work on Automattic, or Coursera, or Airbnb. You should look something "more possible"». I can see why people say that: I might have fewer chances then peeps born and raised in other countries. But still, why shouldn't I have the dream of having a job I like at a place I admire? 

I still have self-confidence. I get a good opportunity  to do communications, I don't see why I wouldn't bee a good member of a team. Plus, if the companies I look up to are working for an audience located all around the world, why shouldn't they hire people from different countries? I think I have a chance. Hopefully, I'm right.

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